This cracks me up: NZ radio station The Edge has decreed that today should be a special day to demonstrate love for our copper-topped friends and family:

We’re all encouraged to shower carrot-topped people with love and affection, and give them suitable presents: cans of Fanta and Red Bull, for example, or packets of Gingernut biscuits. Some businesses are even giving free products and services to ginger people today.

How splendid! My family possesses a strong redhaired strain and I’m blessed with a tinge of ginge myself, so I’m all in favour of this development. Here’s Claire, one of my nieces and an excellent example of a beautiful ginga:

Thank goodness that she’ll never be forced to seek shelter in a ginger refuge, as per this awesome Catherine Tate sketch


2 thoughts on “Heart a Ginga Day

  1. Love that Catherine Tate sketch.

    Last couple of years it’s been Hug A Ginga, but some gingas are a bit sensitive and didn’t like hugs from strangers. Others went to the pub and lapped up the attention.

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