The other day I passed a local gift shop and saw some lovely framed posters (the image above shows one of them).  The sign said that they were reproductions of tourism posters from the 1930s, so I thought that one of them might find its way into our house eventually: we like that kind of thing and we’ve got two or three similar posters from the French Alps, waiting to be framed properly.  But then I saw the price tag: $799.

Later, I decided to google ‘NZ vintage tourist poster’ and see if there was a cheaper source.  And I discovered that the same posters are for sale online, unframed, for a mere $59.95!  I’m guessing that the framing is worth around $150 per poster, so it seems that somebody is making a vast profit (unless, of course, people buy the framed posters and discover $50 notes hidden in the mounting).  I’d love to know whether the shop owner frames the posters themselves, or whether a third party is doing the arduous work of ordering the artwork online and then slapping a frame on it before selling it wholesale.  Somebody is making a killing, that’s fo shiz.  It’s a bit of a bummer, really – I like a lot of stuff in this shop, but I won’t be able to buy anything there again without first checking online to ensure that I’m not being taken for a ride.

Anyway, we’ll probably buy a couple of posters online when we’ve got things organised at the new house.


2 thoughts on “Daylight robbery

  1. Nice poster! Indeed, this does seem very expensive. However, the daylight robbery may in fact be the cost of framing. I had an embroidery piece framed (about half the size of your poster) and it cost me over $300. Admittedly it did have special glass etc, but still, it shocked me. Also had to have the glass replaced in a couple of large pictures after they broke during our move and cost me nearly $100 each… just for the glass! Worth noting that these two jobs were by different framers. I’m guessing therefore that framing anything here professionally is simply a very costly process. Actually, in reality everything in NZ (comparing to UK) is a costly process… Hope you find a cheaper alternative in Auckland!

  2. Our bus blind’s pretty damn big and that was only $250 to frame – I was really surprised it was so inexpensive because of the size. Moral of the story: get your framing done in Feilding.

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