Here’s a photo of Ioane scoring a try for the Handsome XV over the weekend:

Bless him and his cute little face. Anyway, I’ve totted up the scores from the weekend’s games and the results are in:

Handsome XV: 31 points

Unfortunate XV: 26 points

The pretty boys were helped by Kahui’s two tries, each worth a point. However, they were carrying two players from teams that haven’t yet played (Riordan of Canada and Perenise of Samoa), and their coach’s team lost and so didn’t earn him a point.

The awkward boys were carrying one non-starting player fewer (only Cudmore of Canada), but it’s interesting to note that only 11 of a possible 14 of their players were in their respective teams’ starting line-up: they had three bench-warmers amongst their number. This cost them points, and even the point they gained from their coach’s team sneaking a win wasn’t enough to compensate.

By comparison, all 13 of the Handsome XV’s 13 players that got a game over the weekend were on the field from the start. Could it be that the Handsome XV are better players? Six tries were scored by Handsome XV players.

Or could it be that coaches are bias against the members of the Unfortunate XV and don’t want to put off the viewing public by including them in the first XV? Mind you, none of the Unfortunate XV scored tries over the weekend, so perhaps the coaches are right to discriminate against them. Aren’t less attractive people rumoured to try harder? We’ll need to see a good effort from the Unfortunate XV within the next couple of rounds…

And what impact will the news of injuries to Matfield and Ioane have on the Handsome XV? New rule: if a player misses more than one game through injury, I’m entitled to sub in somebody else.


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