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White people can’t get enough of film festivals … this love can be due to a number of factors.

Fact #6: It is required by white-person law that you publicly declare foreign cinema to be better than Hollywood movies, and on a par with indie film.

Fact #7: White people earn credibility by being into films from strange countries: “Oh, you liked Sideways? Yeah, I didn’t see it, I’m really into Serbian film now.”

Stuff White People Like

I’m a partial offender here. I don’t have much snobbery about Hollywood movies (in fact, I will voluntarily watch all sorts of rubbish – earlier today, I watched the third film in the Bring It On franchise of cheerleading nonsense and, if that wasn’t bad enough, I watched it on MySky, having recorded it last week – this wasn’t an accidental thing; this was a deliberate choice). And I liked Sideways.

However, I have recently discovered a great fondness for French films and have even blogged about it. And I’ve just bought two tickets to this film:

It’s being shown as part of an Italian Film Festival at our local arthouse cinema. And I knew that because I get email newsletters from the arthouse cinema on a weekly basis.

I certainly can’t be accused of going to film festivals on a regular basis, but I think that having merely a slight interest in foreign film, but not frequenting film festivals in any meaningful way is, if anything, even more white than being an avid festival patron.

All things considered, I think that my rating is ‘james white’ for this one.


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