The wordpress iPhone app enables me to see how people have found this blog, which can be quite interesting. Earlier this evening I noticed that somebody had reached it by following a link from a blog called ‘Emigrate to New Zealand’, so I clicked the link back to see more.

It turns out that somebody had linked to the post I wrote to say how I don’t like our rental house. The link to my post had been put in the comments section of a post on that blog – a post all about the supposed horrors of renting in NZ, melodramatically presenting totally commonplace things (landlords wanting tenant references, landlords actually having the temerity to own investment properties in the first place, rental properties often being a bit grubby and crap, etc) as if these were problems unique to NZ. And not just that – these great problems were presented as if they somehow provided a window into the snide and underhand side of Kiwis otherwise hidden by our seemingly cheerful and friendly exteriors.

This fitted the tone of the entire blog, which claims to be offering an impartial view of NZ to balance the good PR, but which actually has nothing good to say about the place. And you’ve never read so much whinging in your life. The whole blog is a miserable, Eeyorish view of the world that seems to delight in finding any negative news story about NZ and sharing it with its readership of sullen, glass-half-empty souls. Some of it is hilarious in a ‘what a bunch of misanthropic freaks’ kind of way, and it all makes me wonder what kind of simpletons have been let into the country – people who are shocked that NZ isn’t full of ruddy-cheeked characters who do nothing but raise sheep and bake scones, and who are horrified and disappointed to learn that NZ isn’t perfect.

I find the whole thing a bit mystifying. I’ve lived in a different country for most of my adult life and I know that there are always things that you might not like about your adopted place, but – unless you’ve been sent there on a convict ship – you’re free to go back home again, surely? To choose to live somewhere and then do little else but bitch about it and hate everything about your life seems to be a horrible existence. To go to the trouble to start and maintain a blog with no purpose beyond celebrating your unhappiness and trashing the place that was good enough to welcome you – well, that’s just mental. And it’s graceless. There were things that I didn’t like about life in the UK, but I sure as hell didn’t spend my days dwelling on them, or complaining to everybody. I have no doubt that people who are this negative will be doing nothing positive to improve life for themselves and others in NZ – why bother, when you can just bitch and moan online instead?

So, if anybody is reading this after seeing the one post of mine linked at Emigrate to New Zealand and assuming that I’m their kindred spirit in misery: please feel free to move on, both from this blog and from this country. New Zealand isn’t paradise – nowhere is – but you obviously weren’t happy with your home country either… maybe your problems go a bit deeper than your physical location. New Zealand is still a young country and it will continue to grow and thrive through the efforts of its citizens. If you’re not willing to contribute in a positive way and add value to the place, we really don’t need you!


7 thoughts on “Miserable expats

  1. Wow, what a bunch of freaks! I googled that blog and could only stand a very quick perusal. People who write tripe like that are the absolute reason why NZers refer to so many English people as ‘Whingeing Poms’. Of course there’s many who are openminded and positive and embrace their new country, but to move somewhere then constantly complain about it is just mental.

  2. As a Pom who has lived in New Zealand for 42 years, as an adult, I can say I have always adored New Zealand and would never choose to live anywhere else. I am English by birth and a Kiwi by choice.

  3. Not sure that referring to Brits as ‘ whingeing poms’ should be justified by this kind of nonsense? You know me jacq; I love NZ and I felt nothing but welcomed by kiwis when we lived there. It’s a wonderful country.
    It’s a shame that these naysayers can still contribute to our reputation (you know the truth!) as serial complainers.
    Slight moan over (ha ha) I’m so pleased to finally have the internet again (after 7 weeks!) so I can catch up on your fab blog. xx

    1. Oh, I agree and I was very careful not to use that particular phrase myself! I have known whingers of many nations, after all (Kiwis included).

      And yay for having the internet again! When we first got here and I was staying with Mum and Dad (with no internet) and didn’t have my iphone up and running yet, I felt like I’d been hurtled back to the dark ages.

  4. Excellent points Mrs TVS Collins! Nobody needs people moaning on and on and on about their new country, at best it’s dull and vulgar, and worst it’s rude and boorish. As Ana points out, we loved NZ and never felt anything but welcomed, and pretty much everybody we met couldn’t do enough to make us feel at home – amazing people, amazing country!

    However *however*, you’ve lived in London long enough to know you can equally apply the term “whinging poms” to those millions of Aussies, Kiwis and Yarpies living in town moaning about the weather, moaning about the cold, the tube being a bit tatty (which is older than both the Australian and South African nations), the housing, the beaches, the price of things etc etc. I think wherever you are, suck it up and embrace the culture you’re entering. You’re not at home, and if you’re stupid enough to think London’s going to be warmer than Cape Town, you’re not really the sort of expat we want here. Ditto, any Brits who think they can move to Wellington and spend their weekend watching football and reading The Sun. Without wishing to perpetuate the unfair stereotype, “Little Englanders” of whatever nationality are just a waste of oxygen.

    I’ve got a bit ranty there, and for that I apologise but to lighten the mood I’m going to throw a “grrrrrrr” into the mixer, and follow it up with a “Go Blacks!”

    Grrrrr! Go Blacks!

    PS Go TVS Collins – he’s the best!

    1. I totally, totally agree! Some of the whining that I heard from Kiwis, Jaapies and Aussies in London was just idiotic – as you say, don’t come to London and then act hard-done-by when it’s crowded and the weather isn’t always fantastic. To live in London and have all of that culture and those amazing opportunities at your disposal, and to then spend your time dwelling on what you can’t have or do… well, I think that indicates a certain poverty of spirit, to put it mildly!

      And clearly your All Blacks cheering did the trick – thank you! (and apologies for taking so flipping long to approve this comment). And yes, TVS is still a prince amongst men!

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