Don’t you think that ‘eternity rediscovered’ is a splendidly melodramatic title?  When I write my first Mills and Boon novel I shall call it ‘Eternity Rediscovered’.

Do you remember how I lost my eternity ring earlier in the year?  I was absolutely gutted and, although I was very fortunate and was given a replacement eternity ring by my lovely husband, I thought about the lost ring every day or two ever since.  It was awful.

However, it seems that I may have done something good in a past life to earn me what has now happened a few weeks ago Emma, my ex-assistant, emailed me from the firm to tell me that she and my successor were clearing out some files and found my ring!  Given that I almost dismantled my entire office when I was looking for it and didn’t manage to find it, this is just amazing.  Pat, my mother-in-law, is picking it up from Emma soon and bringing it to New Zealand with her when she arrives for a visit in early December.

Everybody I’ve told this story to has reacted with the same ‘oh my God – how amazing!’ comments, so it was funny to hear from Tristan that he’d mentioned it to somebody he knows (he says he can’t remember who, although I suspect that he might be choosing not to remember), and that person’s response was ‘are you sure that she really did lose the ring, and didn’t just pretend to lose it so you’d buy her a new one?’

WTF, people?  What kind of screwed up view of marriage does that person have?  Who on earth would lie to their spouse about losing a valuable piece of jewellery, in order to be bought more jewellery?  That person is a damned freak.  I hope they’re not married themselves, because I can’t imagine what their day to day relationships are like.

Anyway, I’m going to be blinged up to the maximum when my original eternity ring arrives, so I think I might get the replacement eternity ring made into some other kind of ring instead.  Which was probably my plan all along – you know how devious we women are… *rolls eyes*


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