We moved into our new house late last week, and if I ever finish unpacking I might take a few photos of the new place.  In the meantime, check out the most wonderful thing about our new neighbourhood:

This beach is no more than ten minutes’ walk from our house, party people.  How lucky are we?  Tui and I have headed down there every morning so far, and again in the evening (in Auckland, dogs are forbidden from the beaches between 10am and 6.30pm during the summer months).

I can’t wait for the proper summer weather to arrive, so it’s warm enough to go for a swim in the morning.  The water is crystal clear here and the beaches are pristine – it’s stunning.


2 thoughts on “New beach

  1. Definitely post pictures of your new house! I love house photos. Here in California dogs are banned from most beaches. Lucky Tui!

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