I’m not proud to admit this, but during my current period of unemployment I’ve started Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  I had managed to ignore this entire family for several years, but now I find that I’ve got opinions about every family member and, if I’m channel-surfing and find that anything Kardashian-related is on TV, I want to watch.  I really need to get a job.

Anyway, I was in a shop over the weekend and, while idly browsing the DVDs, I spotted a box set of ‘Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami’.  It featured what might be some of the worst Photoshop I’ve ever seen – so bad, in fact, that I used my phone to take a photo of it:

What the fresh hell have they done to Khloe and Kourtney?  Their heads don’t match their bodies, and Kourtney’s baby-holding arm doesn’t look human (and that doesn’t look like a real baby).  And don’t you think that Khloe’s backside looks like they’ve lifted it from a photo of Kim?  Really, it’s bad enough that these two have to go through life with spazzily-spelt names, without having to deal with this kind of shenanigans as well.

And no, of course I didn’t buy the DVD…


4 thoughts on “Photoshop misadventures

  1. The fake baby is what first struck me. I sometimes wonder what it does to one’s psyche when every photo of you is photo-shopped to death before it’s released. Doesn’t it seem like you’d just feel like crap every time you looked in the mirror? You wouldn’t look anything like yourself. Poor celebrities.

    1. I know! It must really screw with your head. On an episode of Khloe and Lamar I watched recently, Khloe was having a Bad Body Image Day and was all just ‘I don’t even want to see the photos from this photoshoot until they’ve been photoshopped’. I guess it just becomes normal to see something totally different in the mirror to watch you see in photos. Khloe has such a great body, as well, with great legs.

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