We’ve been in our new house for two weeks today, and we’re slowly getting the house under control.  The garden is a different matter: it’s a bit of a disaster at the moment, so I thought that I’d show what it looks like now, with the hope that I can share its miraculous transformation with you over the coming months.

This shot shows the side of the house:

A previous owner built a patio and some seating to make use of the afternoon sun, but it’s all pretty decrepit now and will need to be sorted out.

This shot takes you further down the side of the house:

I think that the black plastic thing was once a compost bin, but I’m totally ignorant in garden-related affairs and might be completely wrong.

Our lawn is in a sorry state:

This was a rental house for ages, and some of the previous tenants used weedkiller on the grass because they didn’t want to mow it.  Lazy!  And that’s a fruit tree of some description – maybe apricot or peach (again, I’m the last person to know).

Here’s another shot of our lawn, also showing a very old bottlebrush tree and our very overgrown raised vegetable garden:

I’ve been keen to grow my own vegetables for ages, so I will have to get this under control – it looks like there might still be some produce struggling away under all of the weeds.

In that shot you can also see the posts from a previous fence – we’re going to have to rebuild it pretty soon, to give Tui her own playground.  It will separate our garden from what was one of this house’s best selling points – a very pretty (albeit hilly) park:

Cool, eh!  It’s like having a massive lawn that will be mowed by somebody else.  Perfect!

And that tired old bottlebrush needs to be pruned, but it does attract some pretty exotic visitors to our garden:

Thankfully for us, Tristan’s mother and stepfather (Pat and Richard) arrive very soon for a two-month visit.  Pat’s a gardening fiend and I am hoping that she’ll take charge and get us organised to deal with our wild outdoor space.


3 thoughts on “Scenes from our garden

  1. Wow, big job! Hopefully it won’t take too much more than some ripping out, weedeating, and a new lawn to get it looking good. That parrot’s very cool.

    1. Yep, it’s a bit daunting, but we’re hoping that Pat can help us to get it organised. The lawn is sloping, so we might either cover a good proportion of it with decking, or put in a retaining wall and level it out a bit.

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