My feelings about Lady Gaga have fluctuated over the past couple of years.  I like a lot of her music, but I became pretty tired of her endless determination to present every single day of her life as performance art.  I was starting to feel that, to really shock us all, she should just rock up to a supermarket in jeans and a jumper, and buy her groceries.  But there was no denying that the girl’s got talent, and phenomenal energy.  She’s turned herself into an icon, and she’s still only 25 years old.  Good effort.

Anyway, we spent the first hour or two of 2012 watching the HBO coverage of her Madison Square Garden Monster Ball tour, and it was sensational.  My two sisters and two oldest nieces saw this concert in Auckland, but I was living on the other side of the world at the time and couldn’t make it.  I really wish I’d seen it in London, because it looked amazing.  And Lady Gaga was such an amazing performer: imagine the confidence it must take to hold a stadium full of people in the palm of your hand while you sing and dance for hours on end.  And in the talking bits between songs she was charming: funny, smart and really quite endearing.

Best of all, though, was the acapella performance of Born This Way that played after the final credits of the TV coverage. Check it out:

She’s the real deal, I reckon.


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