Do you remember how I made a wee pram blanket for Conor, my friend Melanie’s new baby?  It was pretty cute.

At the time I didn’t reveal that I’d had long term blanket-making aspirations.  I bought this book eons ago (like, five or six years ago), and knitted hordes of squares with four shades of Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino wool.  The knitting was great fun – I taught myself how to do all sorts of fancy stitches, like cable and lace.  However, I forgot how much I detest sewing knitted items together.  The knitted squares sat in a couple of boxes in our UK loft for years and were brought over to the UK, where I bunged them under the house.  The prospect of turning all of these squares into a blanket was too terrible to contemplate.

The thing is, I hadn’t banked on the abilities of Pat, my mother-in-law, to find ways to keep herself busy.  Pat came to visit us with the plan of sorting out our overgrown wilderness of a garden, but bad weather forced her inside and left her twiddling her thumbs.  In a stroke of genius, I asked her if she wanted a crocheting or sewing project.  She agreed to take it on, and here’s the result:

Cool, eh!  It’s the width of a queen-sized bed.  Pat crocheted the squares together and then crocheted a six-row border.

Here are some close-up shots of a few squares (each one is a different pattern):

I’m really pleased with it, and I’m particularly delighted that my lovely squares have turned into a blanket without me having to do all the crocheting!


8 thoughts on “Long term blanket project

  1. what a great way to learn the stitches whilst keeping the project (or square) a size you can handle. An awesome blanket! Hooray for crafty Mother-in-laws!

    1. Thanks Lucy! It was a great way to learn stitches because I could focus on the stitches themselves, and not have to try to follow a pattern for the item at the same time (following patterns isn’t always my best skill…)

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