It’s been all go in our garden this morning:

You may recall from this post that our garden was home to several overgrown trees. After consultation with expert fellow garden nerds, Pat decreed that we should get rid of most of them – some were too close to the house (and if you’ve ever watched Help! My House is Falling Down you’d know why that’s bad news), and others were just too old and way past their best.

Felling trees is hard work – ask any lumberjack – but Pat made life easier for everybody by befriending one of the guys contracted by our local council to maintain the park at the bottom of the garden. For a mere $30 per hour he agreed to turn up with his gear and do all the chopping down and trimming for us. Our lovely neighbour Sarah has a wood-burning fire and is going to make good use of the wood.

You’ll see from the photo that Pat and Tristan are busily helping him. My involvement is more from the ‘stay inside, out of the rain, and make the workers cups of tea’ perspective.

The garden and house are so much lighter already – it’s fabulous. And the lack of big trees should enable us to have a bigger and less mossy lawn. We may plant a couple of replacement trees, or we may just enjoy the uninterrupted view of the gorgeous trees in the park. And at some point – when funds permit – we’ll build a deck.

The next garden job is to build a fence to contain Tui the Wonder Dog, who has started regarding the park (and our neighbour’s garden) as her personal domain.


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