Yesterday afternoon, on a whim, we went to The Muppets. It was absolutely splendid – exactly the kind of humour that appeals to me. Also funny: the expression on Tristan’s face when the first song and dance act started: he’s not a fan of musicals. However, even he had to admit that the songs were pretty funny (they were written by Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame, so it’s no wonder). And what made the film so hilarious was the total recognition of how silly it was – like when the first big dance number ends and Gary, one of the main characters, gives Mary, his girlfriend, flowers, and then explains away their wilted and crushed appearance by saying that he had them inside his jacket during this big dance number he just led. It’s the same kind of humour as Enchanted (which is also a very funny kids’ film and stars Amy Adams, who plays Mary in The Muppets – clearly, she’s the go-to girl for Disney when it comes to clever kids’ comedy).

I laughed and laughed at this scene:

Gary, Mary and Walter (the three characters trying to get the Muppets back together) turn up at Kermit’s house and find that it’s empty, but then Kermit appears, surrounded by celestial light and accompanied by an angelic choir: courtesy of the headlights of the van transporting a choir and driving by at that precise moment. That kind of thing will always crack me up – it’s why I loved films like Airplane and Hot Shots.

Also brilliant: Miss Piggy as the plus-sized editor for Vogue in Paris:

And Kermit’s superb attire when in France:

Seriously, people: go to this film if you had any love for the original TV series – you won’t be disappointed (and it’s not just me saying that – the film has scored a great rating at Rotten Tomatoes). When we saw it the cinema was full of people our age who had clearly punched the air with delight when the film was released, and then did it again when they realised that their own small children gave them a perfect excuse to go to it. The kids at the cinema were freakishly quiet, and the adults all enjoyed themselves tremendously.

Here’s the official trailer, to whet your appetite:

And – almost best of all – the film ends with my favourite Muppets song of all time:



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