This was the view from our balcony at 7.15 this morning:

Because we’re so close to the coast, it’s often gorgeous and clear first thing and then clouds over as the wind picks up.  Today, I decided that Tui and I should get out there and enjoy the best of the day, so after we’d sent Tristan off for another day of making New Zealand awesome, the two of us trotted down to the beach.

Tui put in a sterling effort on the grassy reserve across the road from the sand, hurling herself into the air for catches so death-defyingly acrobatic that, at one point, she earned herself a round of applause from a nice old codger who was out for his early morning constitutional.

Once she’s worked up a good sweat under her furry black t-shirt and shorts I took her down to the water and sent her in for a few aqua-fetches, and then I tethered her to a nearby post, stripped off, gave her strict instructions to keep an eye on things, and plunged into the water myself.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  The sea is so warm here, even at 8ish in the morning, and it’s crystal clear.  The tide was in, so I didn’t have far to wade, and there were a few little breakers to keep things exciting.

I frolicked for a while, watched over by my wonder dog.  And then I towelled myself off, played a few more games of fetch with Tui, and walked back up the hill to the house.  The next half an hour was spent in my togs (the Kiwi name for a swimming costume) on the balcony, reclining on a lounger, eating pineapple and nectarine for breakfast, and reading a piece of research about the socio-economic value of community law centres.

Life is good.


5 thoughts on “12/01/2012

    1. Heh! I don’t blame you – but at least you can rest assured that I do know how lucky I am (and remember how much it rains in Auckland… like right this minute, for example!)

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