Peaceful scenes in a local vineyard:

We went to Soljans Estate for lunch, for the second time in less than a fortnight.  Their food is absolutely delicious.  I’ve had the same lunch twice:  pan-fried minute steak.  I’ve had pudding both times, too – the mixed summer berry tart last time, and the chocolate brownie today.

I’ve been trying hard to reduce the amount of refined sugar in my diet, and I’ve been doing fairly well.  However, one side effect seems to be that, when I do have something sugary (like these puddings), I get a blinder of a headache afterwards.  Of course, this is a good incentive to avoid the sugar in the first place, but sometimes I simply can’t resist…

And how cool is it that we can drive for only 20 minutes and be in the middle of the countryside, at a lovely vineyard, eating a delicious lunch in the sun?  Life in Auckland continues to be pretty awesome.


2 thoughts on “15/01/2012

    1. You temptress! You know what I’m like with sugar – you’ve seen me let loose with a bag of pick and mix – but I know it’s not good for me: it sends my blood sugar levels crazy, and then I get really tired, and then I want to have more sugar in order to perk up again… It’s my drug of choice, undoubtedly.

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