At the risk of losing Northern Hemisphere friends who are currently enduring the cold, dark days of winter, I wanted to show you some photos I took at the beach this morning.  The shots were taken with my phone, so please forgive the questionable quality.

Last night Tristan and I went for a lovely walk and talked about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle – getting enough sleep, eating well, enjoying the fresh air, that kind of thing (you know – a nice, light, frothy weekend conversation).  This morning we decided to put our theories into practice: we set the alarm for 6am (after making sure that we were in bed and going to sleep by 10pm on Sunday night), woke up a startled Tui, and headed down to the beach.

When we got there the sun was just rising behind Rangitoto Island and we were the only people around.  I’m sure that there are places in the world where the prospect of having a gorgeous beach entirely to oneself is a luxury that can scarcely be imagined, but in New Zealand, with its endless coastline and small population, this kind of thing isn’t actually unusual (even when you’re living in the country’s biggest city, like we do).

Anyway, here are some shots; I don’t think they need any explanation.  I hope that they will tempt some of you to visit us!  We could go for an early walk on the beach and then stop off at a lovely cafe for breakfast on the way home.  You know it makes sense, people.

We’re heading back for a swim after work this evening, without fail!


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