Here’s a close-up of the project that Tristan the Wonder Crafts Assistant was helping me with yesterday:

I have fallen in love with crochet, guys. It’s so much faster than knitting; you can see good progress after just a couple of evenings of work. Sometimes I like a long, very detailed project, but it’s great to be able to whip up a nice present for somebody in less than a week.


2 thoughts on “23/01/2012

  1. That look like a nice piece. I’d like to learn to crochet. I’ve sort of learned to knit several times in life, but I never keep up with it, and then I can’t remember how to cast on/off. I’ve decided it’s probably just not the craft for me. I imagine you can get lots of nice wool yarn in New Zealand… or am I being stereotypical?

    1. Crocheting is really, really easy – I recommend it. My mother taught me the most basic stitch, and I’ve taught myself other things from books. Same with knitting, actually: my mother taught me how to plain and purl when I was a kid, and I taught myself everything else. And yes, there is nice wool here, but it’s pretty flipping expensive. I need to start another present for a friend as soon as this project is finished, so I’m going to look for bargains at rural wool shops when I drive south to visit my family later in the week.

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