Somebody told me that it was all happening at the zoo, so I went there yesterday with Vickie, Andrew and the girls.  I’m not a big zoo fan, in general – I like to see animals in their natural habitats, either in person or on a David Attenborough documentary – but Auckland Zoo is a pretty decent place.

Here are Gabriella and Sophia, the two wild animals that we took with us.  The zoo wasn’t prepared to take responsibility for such dangerous creatures, so we were forced to take them home again afterwards.

I loved the zebras, in their stylish monochromatic outfits.  I accept that I’m unlikely to ever be allowed to buy a zebra and keep it as a pet, but I may yet buy a white pony and paint it.

EDITED TO ADD: Did you know that ‘monochromatic’ actually means ‘all of the same colour or hue’ and not ‘black and white’ as I (and many other people) mean to say?  The word that I should have used was ‘achromatic’.  I only learned this a minute ago, but I’m sharing the knowledge because that’s just the kind of woman I am.

We were allowed to feed the giraffe, which is always fun.  Hardcore, long term readers of my blog will recall that I’ve done this before.

The rhino just needed some decent body moisturiser to sort out his hide.  He came right by the fence after this photo was taken and we got a good look at him – that skin would be an excellent way to test the ludicrious claims that beauty companies make about their products.  Zoos in need of another revenue stream should consider entering into partnerships with Clinique and Clarins for rhino rejuevenation projects.

The flamingos were so glamorous that they warranted two shots.  In my perfect world I would have viewed them while sitting in a striped sun lounger, with a frosty cocktail nearby.  Their enclosure is also very glamorous, bringing to mind tropical adventures.

This baboon was sulking about something.  The problem might have been that two of his baboon relatives were indulging in some fairly fevered baboon bonking at the bottom of the hill, out of his line of sight.  No, I didn’t take any photos of the baboon bonking.  I’m not a pervert.

The tuatara was sunbathing, and reminding those with grandparents that they should call them.

The elephant had just given himself a dust bath to cool off.  I imagine that a water bath would have been more useful, but there wasn’t a pond available for elephant splashing.  Shame.

Ordinarily I’d count a duck as one of my favourite creatures – they’re cute, and they’re also delicious.  However, this one looked like pure evil, sent from hell to drag us all down.  Look at that malevolent glint in his eye!

The meerkat was probably keeping an eye out for an invasion from that creepy-looking duck.

The ridiculously photogenic seals deserve their own post.


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