This Ed Sheeran song is getting a lot of airplay at the moment, but I hadn’t seen the video until just now:

The song and video are both very good, and very sad. And – heavy subject matter aside – I love this song precisely because it’s about something other than love, sex, or relationships. I’m so over the tedious way in which many modern singers can write about nothing else. We get it, Rhianna: you’re a sexual superstar who exists for no other reason to give your man a good time. Well done you. Now, go and read a book or something.

Actually, it’s quite amazing to think about the way in which the general tolerance of sexually eplicit music has changed during the past couple of decades. In 1987, during my first year at secondary school, George Michael’s song ‘I Want Your Sex’ was seen as hugely controversial, even though it promoted monogamous sexual relationships. These days, few eyebrows are raised when songs are released with lyrics that would make even the most sexually liberated of us blush if the track came on while we were in the company of some people. It’s weird that we seem to have leapt straight from prudishness to a complete removal of any concerns about explicit content, without spending any time at a sensible middle ground where healthy, normal, mutually satisfying relationships are celebrated. Instead, a vast proportion of the music released seems to be concerned solely with women telling men how much they want to satisfy them, and how happy they, in turn, will be. It’s telling that there’s not much music out there that discusses men wanting to bend over backwards to please women in bed.


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