When Vickie and Andrew visited us last year we went to a nice furniture shop in Matakana, and Vickie mentioned that she really wanted a nice knitted throw for their bed.

The prospect of actually knitting an entire throw was far too grim to contemplate, so I took the easier option and crocheted this one for her birthday:

It was an easy project once I got myself organised, but conceptually it caused me a headache or two. I’d intended to do the entire throw using the super-thick cream wool. However, once I started I realised that I had nowhere near enough of it (being a crocheting novice, I’m not much chop when it comes to estimating how much wool I’ll need). The cream wool had come from my mother-in-law Pat’s loft several years ago, and I think it had been up in the loft for several years before that, so there was no chance of finding any more balls.

In the end I went to see the nice lady at Wild and Woolly Yarns in Devonport, and she advised me to make a striped throw and use double strands of lighter wools, to equal to weight of the heavier cream wool. And I think that the resulting throw turned out to be pretty decent – it’s wide enough to cover a queen-sized bed, and is very warm and snuggly. I did it all in a treble stitch, and then made the border with one row each of single stitch and double stitch. It was pretty quick and easy, once I got going (although that light grey yarn was horrible, fluffy stuff to work with). And Pat was kind enough to sew in all the ends for me, thus saving me from my most hated crafting task. Hurrah!

Best of all: Vickie absolutely loved it. Double hurrah!


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