I quite like this song – it’s very summery and happy-sounding.  However, the video is awful.  My youngest niece could lip-synch more convincingly.  Poor Cher Lloyd looks like she’s only just heard the song herself a couple of minutes before the camera started rolling.:

Cher was a British X Factor contestant a couple of years ago.  During the series she was mentored by Cheryl Cole, and although they’ve since fallen out for some convoluted, dull reason that I can’t be bothered to google and then explain, it’s good to see that she continues to share Cheryl’s taste in big hair and clown-like makeup (and naff tattoos, from what I saw in that video).  Just look at this crazy doppelganger action:

The two of them were foolish not to exploit the opportunity to become criminal masterminds, in the style of Dr Evil and Mini Me.  Judging by the makeup they’re both sporting, they could also invite various Kardashians to become part of their dastardly plans to bring down the world.

And one more thing about that awful video: if the guy singing in my track was a dodgy, smug-looking Justin Timberlake-lite I don’t think I’d let him be in shot at all.


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