This is my view this afternoon – it’s the foyer of my parents’ house, as seen from my sofa-bound position in their main living room:

I’m taking it easy today, making a present for a friend and listening to an audiobook version of Bill Bryson’s ‘The Lost Continent’. It’s hilarious in both written and audio form.


4 thoughts on “07/02/2012

  1. That is a sensational afternoon. I love Bill Bryson, he is top of my ‘celebrity you’d invite to dinner’ list, I think he is hilarious. I just finished re-reading A Walk In The Woods, and I’m slowly working my way through At Home. My favourite is The Thunderbolt Kid about his childhood though. Hope you had a fabulous birthday in Feilding with all the family.

    1. Thanks Jacque – I had a very nice time! And I seem to re-read all of Bryson’s books every year, and still find them endlessly amusing. I hadn’t listened to any of them as audiobooks before yesterday, but it was brilliant!

  2. I’d invite him to dinner too, he’s hilarious. And, in a continuation of my fancying odd looking older men, I fancy him too.

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