We started our weekend with a trip to Matakana, to have brunch at Matakana Market Kitchen with Mum and Dad and then to browse around the farmers’ market and other shops. Before Mum and Dad arrived – they’d spent the night visiting friends in Gulf Harbour – we sat outside at Black Dog Cafe and had coffee, and I took this shot while we waited for our order:

I ended up having delicious toasted coconut bread with lime marmalade for brunch, and washed it down with a mango smoothies. I also scored a few lovely treats: some vintage cake forks from a secondhand stall, a nice hand-embroidered table runner (from the same stall), and a gorgeous book of French cross-stitch sampler designs – all designed to be stitched in one colour only, and very chic; I’ll start planning my next project soon.

The book cost $40 and was a real indulgence, but the cake forks and embroidered linen were only $8 and $6 respectively. Bargain!


2 thoughts on “11/02/2012

  1. Yum, toasted coconut bread with lime marmalade sounds fantastic. The purchases sound great too!

    1. That was the yummiest brunch I’ve had for ages – I’m going to spend my whole time planning my next trip to Matakana, so I can scoff it again!

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