I watched the news on TVNZ’s Breakfast programme this morning, and learned that Kate Middleton was spending her first Valentine’s Day as a married woman without Prince William; he’s away for six weeks, so she performed some of her official duties as a charity patron.  And good on her, I say – but it is really newsworthy that a married woman is spending Valentine’s Day without her spouse, even if it is during the first year of marriage?  It’s all a bit ridiculous.  During our first year of marriage Tristan and I were apart for a total of around twelve weeks – he worked in travel at the time and had endless trips away.  It really wasn’t a huge deal for me, and I bet you that it isn’t a big deal for Kate either: she’s a sensible grown-up and can probably cope on her own.  There have been a lot of media stories about how lonely she’s going to be, and I’m sure that she would prefer it if her husband was around, but I’m sure that it isn’t as dreadful for her as everybody might assume.  And it must make for funny reading for women whose husbands are in active service and have been posted abroad for months at a time, for example.

Also ridiculous: this fawning Telegraph news story about Prince William sending his wife a card and some flowers, even though he’s away.  Again: how is this news?  And is it really so remarkable, particularly given that he’s not exactly short of people on hand to help him with arranging this kind of thing?

On the bright side, I liked Kate’s coat:

It’s from Hobbs, which was one of my favourite high-end British high street shops.


2 thoughts on “The lonely duchess

  1. I’m inclined to agree with your opinion that it just isn’t news. I am however often intrigued by women who do make such a big deal about their husband going away for a night or two like it’s the biggest deal in the world. Particularly amusing over here where fly in / fly out employment on the mines is just the way of life for a lot of us. I actually quite like it, it works well for us which is lucky as it will be this way for a long yet! I am amused on a weekly basis by the women who dress up to the nines to pick their husbands up and stunned by the ones who bother to get dressed and go in to the terminal at 5am when they drop them off. How do these women cope when their husbands are at work if they need to be there right til the last second at ungodly-o’clock. I have no issues dropping off in pyjamas so I can head straight back home to bed!

    1. I’d definitely be disinclined to go to too much trouble about departures, but I like the idea of dressing up and making a fuss when the spouse returns! That’s quite sweet, particularly if people have been together for a while.

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