One of the nicest things about working from home is the way in which I can jump up from my seat every now and then and do something domesticated, just for a change of pace.

Of course, most of the time I occupy myself with practical, unexciting tasks – taking out the rubbish, hanging out the washing, that kind of thing.  However, this afternoon I was suddenly struck by the urge to whip up something pointless and yummy.  So I made this:

It’s hokey pokey, party people (or ‘honeycomb’, if you’re not from around these parts – in other words, it’s the stuff that you find in the middle of a Crunchie bar).  It might be one of the first things that I can remember making as a young girl, and I don’t imagine that I’m the only one who used her early culinary talents in this way: hokey pokey is cool fun to make because it fizzes up excitedly when you add the baking soda towards the end of the process.

And it’s very sugary, but quite delicious.


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