Today’s photo is unexciting, but significant:

This, gentle reader, is my first piece of work for a national publication. It’s an article for NZ Business, a business magazine, and it discusses the ways in which smaller businesses can incorporate sustainability principles into their operations, to benefit both them and their communities. I’ve agreed to write a series of articles on this topic for NZ Business, so I’m working on the second article right now. I hope that this will be the first in a long line of freelance writing projects that I can tackle!


14 thoughts on “21/02/2012

    1. Thanks Jane! By the way, I’m trying to plan another trip to lovely Sydney, so I shall let you know if I manage to organise something – it would be fab to see you! Xx

    1. Thanks Kara! I hope that things are good for you guys. We were talking just the other day about how much we’d love to visit (on some dim and distant day when I’m earning again and we can afford to travel…)

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