The Super Rugby season started today. We went to the first home game at Eden Park – the Blues v the Crusaders:

There was a pretty big crowd in, which was cool. People here are still riding the happy wave after winning the Rugby World Cup last year. And the good people responsible for sorting out these things have struck gold with their ticketing policy: general admission tickets for adults were only $20 a pop. We took Katie and Nigel, and Tom, our nice neighbour’s nice teenaged son.

Sadly, the Blues lost by one point. Piri Weepu tried to kick a last-minute droppie and snatch the victory, but he didn’t quite manage to get the necessary height. Oh well.


2 thoughts on “24/02/2012

  1. Your rugby people should have a chat with our rugby people… general admission tickets to Western Force games are $50! Which makes for a fairly pricey evening even if we don’t go out for dinner or drinks as well. Luckily some of Simon’s suppliers have corporate boxes so we got a few invites last year and are hopeful for some more this year. Rugby is so much better from a corporate box than the (not so) cheap seats!

    1. Yikes – that is expensive! We were pleasantly surprised by the cheap tickets here; it might be because the stadium is often half-empty at this stage of the season, so they’re actively trying to draw in a big crowd. It seems to be working!

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