This week’s domestic project: to hang up pictures in all of the rooms. We’ve got art propped up all over the place, as shown in this shot from our living room:

Finally, we went to a hardware place to buy the plug things that we need to be able to put up our paintings, so I’m going to drag out everything tomorrow and decide what should go where.

This photo shows a lovely painting my father did of the church where Tristan and I got married, an awesome little map close-up of the lower North Island that Vickie and Andrew gave me as a birthday present a few weeks ago, and an original ballot paper from the first free elections in South Africa.


4 thoughts on “26/02/2012

    1. I know – awesome, eh! We found it in a vintage shop in Cape Town a few years ago. Tristan was living in Cape Town in 1994 and voted in that election, which is pretty cool.

  1. Awesome stuff is clearly a Nidd skill! Victoria has so many things in her house that I covet and I see you have the same eye… I love that painting your dad did but I want all of those pictures. I actually spot lots of things in the background of your photos that I want!

    1. Thanks, Jacque! I have a lot of truly random stuff, gathered from all over the place, so it’s nice to hear that you like it!

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