I am SO happy: today I received my copy of Marian Keyes’s new book:

She wrote it after becoming a baking fiend during her terrible bout of depression (which sounds as though it might be easing somewhat, thank goodness). It’s full of delicious-sounding recipes, all written in her characteristically charming and witty style. It’s just lovely.


2 thoughts on “08/03/2012

  1. I enjoyed her book very much. (Not wanting to dismiss her depression, far from it, I suffer from it myself due to medication) I can totally relate to it… baking keeps me sane. When I come home sometimes, all annoyed and riled up from work, the first thing I do is get my baking stuff out. The whole weighing process and getting everything together is calming me down. By the time the cake is in the oven I’m my usual cheerful self!

    1. That’s fabulous to hear! I thought her book was just lovely, and it has inspired me to bake (I’ll share some photos when I actually get round to it!) I agree: doing something methodical, that requires concentration, can be very calming.

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