This is my new favourite thing:


Early in February I had a spare afternoon at my parents’ place and used it to listen to a Bill Bryson audio book, while tackling a craft project. I adore Bill Bryson, so the opportunity to laugh myself silly at The Lost Continent was fantastic. And it was particularly nice to do so while making something, as I’m a strong believer that the devil makes work for idle hands, etc.

Anyway, I’d told Tristan about my newfound love of Bill Bryson audio books and he responded by becoming a walking, talking Bill Bryson audio book himself: in other words, our new bedtime routine involves him reading me a few pages of a Bryson classic.

Gentle reader, it’s splendid. It enables the two of us to roll around laughing at the same funny bits, rather than reading them separately. We’ve both read all of Bryson’s books before, but they’re so funny that they always warrant a repeat visit.

Through this new development I get the benefit of Tristan’s peerless foreign language pronunciation skills and accents (during the European travel saga Neither Here Nor There) and brilliant regional British accents (during our current book, Notes From a Small Island). Seriously, the man’s ability to put on a funny accent are unparalleled.

After we finish this book we’ll move on to At Home (and Tristan’s not actually read that one before, now I come to think of it), and then we’ll see if Tristan’s presentation of A Short History of Nearly Everything can enable me to actually understand any of it.


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