I made a fabulous risotto for dinner:


Chicken and pea – a classic combination. And there’s enough for dinner tomorrow as well, which is splendid. If I’m going to go to the trouble of cooking something yummy, I want to do so with the knowledge that I won’t have to do anything more than bung a plate in the microwave tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “20/03/2012

  1. I’m with you. Leftovers are a huge motivating factor when I cook. Otherwise I’d spend a fortune on food for lunch! Looks tasty.

  2. Hi Jacq, I found your blog via Russ Barnes (we did meet you once in Moomba, Putney!) and I wanted to comment that in some bizarre coincidence I am currently eating exactly this dish whilst reading your blog! (mine IS microwaved leftovers) – called ‘Risi el Bisi’ according to Delicious mag.

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