Today Jane and I (and Edith, some of the time) pottered around in Napier, visiting more fabulous antique shops, checking out some fashion, buying yarn (I’m teaching Jane how to crochet granny squares), and generally cruising around. One place we visited was Mission Estate winery:


It’s the oldest vineyard in the area – that gorgeous building was originally a home for retired Marist missionaries (hence the name).

When Tristan and I come to Napier for a proper visit we will have to leave room in the schedule for a lot of antique shopping and vineyard visiting, that’s fo shiz. It’s so nice here. And it’s been splendid to spend a couple of day with lovely Jane and gorgeous Edith, and to meet Jane’s fantastically kind and hospitable parents.


2 thoughts on “26/03/2012

  1. I just bought a book called “Granny Square Love” by an Australian crochet blogger, Saah London. Haven’t had a chance to do much from the book, but her blog is quite brilliant, so I have high hopes for the book. I My Great-Gran taught me the basics when I was somewhere in my early teens (between 12 and 14), during one day long visit with her at her Senior Citizen’s home, but then just a couple of years ago I re-learned how to crochet so I could do granny squares – and edgings for knitted things, but mostly grannies.

    1. Amanda, I’ve just checked out that book online, and now I want it too! It looks fab. I’ll hunt down her blog as well.

      I really like granny squares, so I think I might make a throw at some point soon. Crochet is so relaxing, isn’t it! I like that you only need the yarn and a hook – compared with the embroidery I do, which always seems to require a billion threads, it’s great to be able to be so low tech!

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