Cate Blanchett was interviewed for Intelligent Life magazine and her un-retouched photo was used on the cover:

Man alive, she’s gorgeous.  And clever, and really talented, and incredibly cool.  I’m not the kind of person who wants to meet famous people – indeed, when I have met famous people I’ve been fairly underwhelmed by the experience – but she is one person that I would love to chat with over a cup of tea.  She’s such a proper grown-up, in a way that most female celebrities can only dream of being.

It’s awesome to see a famous woman embrace her age.  Admittedly, she has won the genetic lottery in a way that most of us can only marvel at, but still: she’s got more to lose than most of us when it comes to being dependent on her looks as an aide to her success.  I am so over the universal obsession with youth, and looking young – the degree to which otherwise intelligent women worry about trying to look younger than their age is, quite frankly, depressing.  Yesterday I was IDed buying wine once again at the supermarket (the legal age is 18 and I’m 37, so this obsession with IDing people like me is quite ridiculous), and when I showed my driver’s licence to the supervisor who asked for it, the checkout operator commented that I had received a great compliment.  I really wanted to reply that no, I had received confirmation that the people who work in that supermarket are unable to engage their brains and exercise common sense.  I’m perfectly happy with the age I am and I don’t seek to hide it.  And to be honest, I look far better now than I did when I was 18.


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