#378: colour code a couple of book cases.

Here’s the hall book case:


The colour scheme was designed to work well with my cow picture:


I also did some work on the book case in my office:


You should realise that this is not my first foray into pointless colour coding – I’ve already done my wardrobe.


6 thoughts on “Things to do while you wait

  1. Your bookcases and cow picture look fantastic! And I’m impressed you have so many books of the same colour, good work.

    1. Me too! It’s one of my favourite things I own, in fact – I always like to have it in the hallway so I see it every day. It’s by a British artist called Jeremy Sanders.

    1. Fabulous – colour-coding for the win! I’ve also colour-coded my main wardrobe. I’m a colour obsessed freak. I should take a photo of our big downstairs bookcase as well – after this bout of colour madness, it’s half dark books and half light books…

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