Blimey, I’ve been a terrible slacker here recently! I’d like to pretend that it’s because I’ve simply been far too busy with my fast-paced, jetset life, but that’s just not true. Anyway, let’s put this unpleasantness behind us. Here’s a post about our recent meander around the Matakana Wine Trail.

When I say ‘our’, I really mean Tristan, Davey and Carla – I was Sober Driver Girl for the day. We started off at Ransom Wines, just south of Warkworth, where the drinkers enjoyed a five-wine tasting and we all scoffed a delicious platter of food. The weather was gorgeous, the scenery was stunning, the food was lovely, the wine was excellent (apparently), and – as it was a Friday morning – we were the only people there. Good times! Ransom Wines will definitely form part of our ‘things to do with visitors’ itinerary in the future.

Our second stop was Ascension Wine Estate, where the drinkers had more wine while I hung around and joined their VIP club (which entitles me to a free lunch in their restaurant on my birthday, as well as preferential access to tickets at the various cool concerts they host each summer).

We took a break from wine at this point and headed into town for lunch at Matakana Market Kitchen, which has become Tristan’s and my go-to place in Matakana. Such yummy food! And as it was such a lovely day, we sat outside in the sun and had a very nice time.

Back on the wine trail, we headed to Runner Duck Estate for a tasting (and seemed to spend an inordinately long time there, given that the three drinkers didn’t much rate this vineyard’s wines – the nice lady running the tasting was very personable, but a bit of a slacker).

Our last vineyard of the day was Brick Bay Wines, and I had some yummy ice cream. This vineyard also hosts a sculpture trail, but we collectively agreed that we couldn’t be bothered with following it.

We ended the day with a short walk on nearby Snell’s Beach. It was very pretty, and Davey started hatching plans for him and Carla to quit Wellington life and move there and open a cafe.

And then we went home and I had a nap, and then we watched rugby. A good day.


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