We’re on our way to the airport and will then catch a flight to Port Douglas, in Northern Queensland, for seven days of rest and relaxation. Hurrah! I’m suddenly knackered on a constant basis – something to do with this whole ‘growing two brand new people’ thing, I’m given to understand – and Tristan hasn’t had ‘lie around and do nothing’ holiday since early 2009. So this feels well overdue (for him, anyway – often lie around and do nothing).

We’re hoping to head out to the Great Barrier Reef during our trip, and we’ve got big plans to watch the Olympics well into the small hours of the morning. And then laze around on sun loungers during the day. Can’t wait. I’ll try to take photos and stuff, like a good tourist.


One thought on “Holiday

  1. I thought you were going on Saturday the 28th for some reason, otherwise I would have called and wished you bon voyage. Have a lovely relaxing time and don’t get sunburnt. I hope Tui is being well catered for in her holiday home.

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