While it’s all very well and good to contemplate the fantastic sporting endeavours of the amazing Olympic athletes, it’s also fun to consider the other element of the two weeks they’re spending together in London: the almighty shag-fest that is the Olympic village.  This ESPN article talks about the way that the athletes all seem to act like randy teenagers.  Apparently, it’s partially because of the absence of parents and coaches, and the pent-up hormones that are generated by all that training and dedication.  Plus, nearly everybody looks great and has an amazing body, which can only help matters.

When you start to consider this kind of behaviour, it’s entertaining to consider which athletes are likely to be Olympic bonkers, and which ones might be tucked up alone in bed each night, reading an improving book.  For example, I suspect that Usain Bolt gets up to a bit of mischief:

Apparently, he’s been trying to learn Spanish before the Olympics – he’d noticed that a lot of really hot girls only spoke Spanish, and he didn’t want to be at a disadvantage.  That kind of planning signals his intent, I think.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t necessarily expect that Women’s Shotput gold medalist Nadzeya Ostapchuk is the type to writhe around in semi-anonymous ecstasy with some French swimmer she only met in the dining hall half an hour earlier:

Mind you, I might be unfair in writing off Nadzeya as a bit of a raver – she might be a party girl of note.  Good on her, I say.


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