I’m posting this picture from someecards primarily because it made me think of Jackie Danicki, who has abandoned Facebook in a bid to escape political pontificating:

I certainly can’t blame her for becoming fed up.  In recent months I’ve noticed an increased number of political posts from some of my American friends, and I’m sure that things will only get worse as the November presidential election creeps closer.

Of course, good luck to them if they want to share their political affiliations online, although this could be a good time for some people to master that whole ‘Facebook groups’ feature and just send their updates to people who have actually indicated that they want to be preached to on a daily basis.  But I don’t fully understand the point of all this political posting, unless their party membership requires them to provide evangelical duties on a daily basis.  I’m not sure that I’d like to meet the person whose voting intentions would be swayed by reading an infographic that had popped up on their newsfeed, instead of – for example – learning about what the relevant party stands for by doing some proper research.  And given the strength of some people’s political affiliations (and their willingness to discuss politics a lot), I’d be pretty surprised if they counted amongst their friends many people who held wildly differing views.  To be honest, if I had a friend who, through their Facebook account, revealed to me political inclinations with which I profoundly disagreed, I wouldn’t change my views – I’d just hide them from my newsfeed (or defriend them, if they’d shown themselves to be offensive).

It isn’t that I don’t admire my friends’ passion and commitment – it’s more that I see Facebook campaigning as being akin to those annoying ‘post about this cause in your status update to show the world that you care about this cause’ trends: it doesn’t actually achieve anything.

I also don’t understand the need for the huge volume of political posts.  I get it: you think Mitt Romney is a baddie who will do away with women’s reproductive rights.  The first three or four posts that you shared on the topic got the message across.  I don’t need to see another ten or twelve posts and, unless your friends are morons with the attention spans of goldfish, I bet that they don’t need to see them either.

At the end of the day, I just don’t care about the US election.  I can’t vote there.  I consider the US electoral system to be very odd.  I find the views of at least half of that country to be mystifying at best.  I don’t need to hear about it, and I suspect that the vast proportion of the world that isn’t the United States of America might agree with me, at least to some extent.


3 thoughts on “Politics on Facebook

  1. I thought of Jackie when i saw that too!

    Glad you’re keeping mostly well, the weeks seem to be flying past x

    1. Thank you! Yes, every now and then Tristan and I turn to each other and say “do you realise that in 20 WEEKS we’ll have two babies? Arrrgggghhhh!”

  2. I know how you feel. I have this problem too. As far as differing opinions from mine, like you said, if their offensive or extremist I just block them. But even when folks agree with me, it still gets annoying when that’s all the post about. I do seem to have a stable of friends on my list that almost ALL their posts seem to be about politics, posting links to various stories, etc. You just want to say knock it off, already.

    And it’s just getting worse as the election draws nearing. Like the past two weeks, with the two conventions. And then wait until the debates start. Oy vey.

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