Things to do while you wait

#378: colour code a couple of book cases.

Here’s the hall book case:


The colour scheme was designed to work well with my cow picture:


I also did some work on the book case in my office:


You should realise that this is not my first foray into pointless colour coding – I’ve already done my wardrobe.


Nagging parent

You have my mother to thank for this blog post: she’s started emailing me and complaining about my lax updating.

I’ve actually been quite busy recently. My charity has hit an exciting stage – we’ve finished writing our strategic plan and are on the verge of making our funding requests to various deep-pocketed organisations. I had a whirlwind trip to the other end of the North Island, with lots of good meetings. Man, that’s a long drive, though. It’s six hours or so from Auckland to my parents’ place (where I base myself and leave Tui for the duration), and then another couple of hours from Mum and Dad’s place to Wellington. And that six hour drive is always extended to more than seven hours, thanks to my furry little travelling companion’s endless need for games of fetch along the way. But it’s all worth it when she gets to her grandparents’ house and can lounge around, watching TV:


Long periods of time in the car have not helped the state of my back (which has been playing up for several months). After three hours at my desk one day recently, my back almost seized up altogether – it was so sore that it made me miss its usual stiff and slightly achy state. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep properly and was even pushed to actually do something about it. Tristan hooked me up with an amazing physio and he poked and prodded me before deciding that I’ve got freakishly over-invested hip flexors that keep taking the strain when my core muscles really should step up and play their part. As a result, my core muscles are astonishingly weak and can’t really play the game when I do need to rely on them. So he’s going to sort me out a strength and conditioning programme; luckily, I won’t need on-going physio.

In the meantime I need to sort out the pain, so I’ve been trying acupuncture. And it’s amazing! I will admit that I was somewhat doubtful as to its value, and after the first session the guy was all “does that feel better?” and I was all “yeah, a little bit”, as I clambered off the table and didn’t feel any different. BUT: a couple of hours later I was pain-free for the first time in six months! And it lasted for at least three days.

And on that note: I’m running away to finish tidying the house before my nagging mother visits for the weekend. And I need to eat something – it’s 3.20 pm and I haven’t had lunch, so I’m going to scoff delicious Up Beet salad from the Countdown deli counter (beetroot, carrot, red onion, plum vineagarette and deliciousness, all handily mixed together in a plastic container).


This week we’ve woken up early every day and hit the beach at dawn, to get some fresh air and give Tui a good run. It is a gorgeous time of the day to be out, although my iPhone’s camera can’t really do it justice. Anyway, here’s a misty photo from this morning and a blurry bonus photo from this evening’s walk.





And I might actually try to write a few posts next week! Sorry for the absence: I’ve got quite a lot on my plate at the moment.


She’s had a very long walk on Saturday, yesterday and this afternoon: Tui has earned her food (but only 3/4 of a bowl)…


She is such a weirdo, bless her.


It’s netball-a-go-go this evening:


We’re at the first home game for the LG Mystics – tonight they’re playing Central Pulse, from Wellington. Despite hating the sport when I was an inept child playing it, I love coming to elite game. It’s particularly cool to see so many young girls coming to watch.


I joined Pinterest today:


It’s going to be my new favourite place to waste time online, I just know it. I’m thinking about what to do to various rooms in our house, and some of the photos there are proving to be fantastic inspiration.


Check out these fine manly men:


They’re some of the past Deans of Law at Auckland University. I met the current Dean today to talk about my charity project, and he was a jolly nice chap, and far more relaxed than these ex-Deans (if these photos are anything to go by).

Girl crush

Cate Blanchett was interviewed for Intelligent Life magazine and her un-retouched photo was used on the cover:

Man alive, she’s gorgeous.  And clever, and really talented, and incredibly cool.  I’m not the kind of person who wants to meet famous people – indeed, when I have met famous people I’ve been fairly underwhelmed by the experience – but she is one person that I would love to chat with over a cup of tea.  She’s such a proper grown-up, in a way that most female celebrities can only dream of being.

It’s awesome to see a famous woman embrace her age.  Admittedly, she has won the genetic lottery in a way that most of us can only marvel at, but still: she’s got more to lose than most of us when it comes to being dependent on her looks as an aide to her success.  I am so over the universal obsession with youth, and looking young – the degree to which otherwise intelligent women worry about trying to look younger than their age is, quite frankly, depressing.  Yesterday I was IDed buying wine once again at the supermarket (the legal age is 18 and I’m 37, so this obsession with IDing people like me is quite ridiculous), and when I showed my driver’s licence to the supervisor who asked for it, the checkout operator commented that I had received a great compliment.  I really wanted to reply that no, I had received confirmation that the people who work in that supermarket are unable to engage their brains and exercise common sense.  I’m perfectly happy with the age I am and I don’t seek to hide it.  And to be honest, I look far better now than I did when I was 18.


No visit to Hastings is complete without a trip to the Rush Munro cafe for delicious locally-produced ice cream:


Jane and I both had passionfruit ice cream, which was so delicious that, as you can see, God bathed us in celestial light.

My time in the Hawke’s Bay was just the kind of relaxing break I needed – and it was such a pleasure to spend time with Jane and her parents, and the adorable Edith. This child is enchanting, even when she’s asleep:


And during her six-week visit she’s grown considerably and also learned how to stand. She’s obviously very advanced.

Geoff, Jane and Edith should be back in NZ next January for a mutual friend’s wedding, so Jane and I are already planning the holiday that the three of them will take with Tristan and me. It will involve plenty of vineyard tours and lunches in the Hawke’s Bay sun, for starters.